Re-Up BBQ at the River Market

One of the places that I have been meaning to get to is the River Market in New Westminster and visit Re-Up BBQ’s brick and mortar location so this past weekend that changed!  The market itself is filled with a couple delicious options that I am coming back for but the purpose of this trip is BBQ.


How can you come to Re-Up and not have pulled pork right?  Melissa make the trip with me and this was her choice.  They packed the sandwich full of pulled pork that’s for sure and it was moist and flavorful, so moist in fact the bottom of the bun got to soggy to pick up so a knife and fork had to be used.  In the world of pulled pork sandwiches this one was very good minus the bun issue.

I went with the Beef Brisket Plate with 2 sides.  The plate comes with coleslaw so my choice of sides were the Biscuit and Santa Fe Red Gravy.  The slaw was lightly dressed with their yummy dressing and the cabbage still had nice crunch.  The meat was smoked really nicely and they sauced each piece with their espresso BBQ sauce and it had a good smoke ring that was noticeable when the meat was cut, the brisket also broke into clean pieces with minimal pressure from a butter knife.

The item that both Melissa and I LOVED was the Santa Fe red gravy, to me it reminded me of an all meat chilli that simmered all day long.  They topped with some cilantro cremma which worked well with the medium spice level of the gravy, Melissa could have went for a whole bowl of this!  The biscuit was freshly brushed with melted butter on top just as it’s plated, texture wise I found the biscuit lacking the layers that are key for a great biscuit but flavor wise it was delicious.

Overall we enjoyed our BBQ from Re-Up and I’m extremely happy to see one of the 1st food carts I blogged in a space where everyone can enjoy their eats.  Not only does Re-Up sell sandwiches and plated meals but they also have a retail area that sells Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork and Bacon-just heat and serve!  Street food fans of the Re-Up BBQ food cart will have to make a trip out to the River Market since the food cart was hit by a bus and won’t be on the streets till Spring/Summer 2014.

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