How to Make a Blog on Blogpost and WordPress for Free

In the digital age, anyone can now work easily. There are so many platforms that can be chosen to be able to actualize themselves. Starting from social media, Youtube, blogs, and many other platforms. But if you are the type of person who is more comfortable expressing your thoughts through writing, it seems that making a blog is the most appropriate platform choice.

Blogs themselves have been chosen because not only honing their abilities as a writer, having a blog allows other people to enjoy and appreciate your writing more easily. The reason is, even though this is the era where Youtube is rife, the audio-visual platform offered by YouTube doesn’t always suit everyone. Of course, there are many more comfortable ways to write and arrange words behind a laptop than to speak in front of the camera. That’s why Blog still has a lot of enthusiasts even though there are currently dozens of other platforms to choose from.

In addition to the main goal for self-actualization, you actually can also earn Rupiah coffers from the work that you embed on the blog. This can come from advertising. It has become commonplace if we see ads scattered on someone or a company blog. The trick is not just to advertise through AdSense and so on. Ways such as writing review articles to install affiliate banners, all can also bring in Rupiah.

So if writing is your calling, and until now you still don’t have a blog, you are missing a great and valuable opportunity without creating a blog. Here’s how to create a blog on various platforms.

How to create a blog on your Blogspot and it’s free

One way to create a blog is through Blogspot. Blogspot is a blogging platform made by Google, which offers tons of interesting Google original features such as Adwords, Adsense, and Analytics. How to create a blog on Blogspot is the easiest because Blogpost is one of the most beginner-friendly blogging platforms.

How to create a blog on an Android phone

If you want to do blogging activities on a mobile basis or just using a cellphone, here are the steps or ways to create a blog on an Android phone on a Blogspot basis, or other mobile platforms such as iOS. Here’s how to create a blog on an Android phone.

  • Download the app on the Google Play Store, then install
  • When finished, open the application and enter your Google email address. If you want to use another email for your blog, or don’t have an email, then before logging in, create a Google email account.
  • Perform the Sign Up process by entering your email address and password
  • Then you will go to the profile edit page. On this page, you are expected to fill in various information that you want to display, then you can click on create a new blog.
  • After that, you must enter the blog title and the blog address you want in the column provided. The address or URL that is filled in must be different from others so choose a name that is as unique as possible.
  • Click one of the template designs from Blogspot, then your first blog is ready.

How to make an interesting blog

In the various steps that must be taken in how to create a blog, appearance is one of the main ones. To make a blog look attractive, of course, what is needed is good design. If you are the type of person who likes to design himself, of course, this will be very easy. Customization on blogpost is not difficult to run, as easy as how to create a blog on the platform.

Even if you are satisfied with the display template from a blog post, the appearance of ordinary blogs is already interesting. If you want to edit it, the following steps and how to create an interesting blog.

  • Enter and select your blog
  • On the left menu, click Template
  • Click ‘Customize’ if you want to edit the template
  • On the left menu, you can choose to design the background of your blog, the width of your blog, and its layout
  • If deemed suitable and appropriate, click ‘Apply to blog’
  • If you want to see the results, click ‘View Blog’ at the top right

How to make a WordPress blog

One of the blogging platforms and ways to create a blog besides Blogspot is WordPress. WordPress is a platform that is a bit more complex and complicated than Blogspot. Many bloggers and even well-known websites use a way to create a blog from WordPress because the content adjustment is more flexible than Blogspot. Therefore, WordPress is commonly used by bloggers who are somewhat experienced.

Here’s how to create a blog on WordPress:

  • Open the WordPress website at
  • Click ‘Create a website’
  • A new page will appear where you have to fill in various information such as e-mail, username, password, and blog address.
  • Fill in the fields with the information you want, as well as select the blog name and URL. Don’t forget to click on the link that says “will use a free address”
  • Click the ‘create blog’ button
  • WordPress will send a verification link in your email. Click the verification link and the dashboard page will appear. This indicates that your blog has become and is ready to be filled.

How to create a blog that makes money

One way to create a blog that can make money is to register your blog on Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a program to do PPC or Pay Per Click based monetization.

Registering on Google AdSense is not difficult, but to be accepted as one of the bloggers who get the priority of AdSense, it is quite difficult. Your blog must be unique and have a certain selling value to be a good medium for advertisers brought by Google. So, create a blog with unique content, then fill your blog consistently, and most importantly you can only use Adsense on Blogpost or Blogger blogs.

If you are ready to register your blog with AdSense, here is a link that will go directly to the AdSense creation page on Google.

Thus our discussion about how to create a blog, hopefully useful.