The Re-Up BBQ Crew have done it again!

Summer is coming and things are really heated up on the Vancouver street food scene, the crew over at Re-Up BBQ have opened their new brisket and black bean chili cart at Robson St and Howe St in downtown Vancouver.

I stopped in for a sandwich and house made sweet tea on opening day, the sun was out and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for an opening, their new location at the newly renovated Robson Square area so there is lots of room to go and eat you food so there’s no worries there.

The brisket sandwich is $9 and full of thick but beautifully smoked beef that is sourced from 2 small farms in BC and Alberta, finished on alfalfa and naturally fed, it’s not overly fatty like some brisket can be, because each sandwich is made to order I got to watch the whole process and I saw something right off the bat that made me get a foodie stiffy

the portions of brisket are individually vacuumed packed and warmed and brought to temp in the bag in warm water (Sousvide method) and sliced to order so its super moist.

nice thick pieces of meat fill each sandwich~KILLER!!

It’s bathed in an espresso BBQ sauce~the coffee adds a special flavor note that is different from there pulled pork sauce but both of the sauces do have a tiny bit of heat that is common in Texas style BBQ, all their sauces are corn syrup free which is a major bonus

they top there sandwich with coleslaw which isn’t traditional but is actually my preference and I’m happy they had the discussion to slaw or not to slaw~it adds a nice texture contrast and cuts the richness of the beef brisket and it’s all packed into a Portuguese bun.

just so were all clear~hands were washed right before my sandwich was made!

This is where I would be talking about black bean chili but it would seem that the City of Vancouver want’s to put a cramp in my adventure’s in flavor town!, the crew at Re-Up were all set to go with a second item and were informed that because of permit and Vancouver Coastal Health rules they cannot sell another item because of cart size and a couple other rules that would make you go cross-eyed, I was informed by the crew that even thew every portion of chili would be vacuumed sealed like the brisket and pulled pork, cooked in their fully licensed commissary kitchen that they use and warmed on site in the same fashion at the meat it still would not be allowed~”a grey area” as the city says, so we just have to wait and possibly push for some change to get to try some more good things from the Re-Up crew.  They are located downtown 6 days a week and also at local farmers markets so keep tuned to their twitter account for updates of where the great smoked meats are being slung.  They also sell some of the best nitrate free bacon for you to use at home so be sure to give it a try


Two Rivers Meats

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3 responses to “The Re-Up BBQ Crew have done it again!

  1. Sean, I didn’t realize you had a blog! This site’s awesome! And great post on the new Re-Up cart. I was going to check this out today, but decided on La Brasserie instead. A friend of mine went here today though and gave it great reviews. I’ll definitely be checking it out sometime soon. Swing by the Invoke office one of these Fridays for a Street Food Friday or come hang out during the next Live Blog.

    • just started it a couple weeks ago and am really enjoying the experience along with showing the world all this great food out there!, big thanks to you guy’s at Eat St for showcasing great food trucks and experiences for us all to have out there!

  2. Awesome post Sean!! I’m so happy for you! Great photos as well! You’re doing awesome! The espresso BBQ sauce reminds me of that Kona Coffee crusted steak I had at Capital Grille in Vegas! Yum!

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