One local place that has really branched out across the city is Nuba, serving Mediterranean and Lebanese meat and vegetarian cuisine, with locations in East Van at the new Waldorf Hotel, downtown/Gastown area at Hastings and Cambie st and in the downtown/West End area at Seymour and Davie st. The design of all the restaurants is really nice but each location does have individual flavor, the location just off Davie street is modern and clean but the location is really small-were talking seating for 10-12 people so takeout is a good option for this location, the location at Cambie and Hastings in the lower level of a historic office building, there are some windows but natural light is at a minimum, they have some beautiful Turkish style brass lamps that add a beautiful feel to the room

I see they have tons if tea light candles so I can imagine that candlelight is the other main form of lighting in this location in the evening hours, there is tons of seating at this location and some large tables for large groups and a back room under an archway that has couches that line the walls for casual relaxed drinking and eating. Finally the newest location in the recently renovated and relaunched Waldorf hotel is in the tiki lounge that is in the hotel, the whole room is wood and really funky, I have yet to visit location but they I’ve heard really great things about it. And after reading their website I also see they is a location at Main st and 3rd Ave in East Van.

The one thing that is the same at all locations is the food and fresh juice’s available, they also have daily specials for main plates, juices and soups. I know the location at Hastings and Cambie serves booze and I’m also sure the one at the Waldorf does as well but not at the Seymour street location. The diner menu has alot more options that all sound really good, I’ve only dined at lunch but some of the items I’ve had are available on the dinner menu.

Every time I’ve eaten here I’ve always left a happy camper~eating a meat dish or all vegetarian, the baba ghanoush here is some of the best I’ve had and is a must try, it comes also on the La Feast platter with killer hummus as well. The pictures in this post are from both the downtown locations so enjoy.

On my 1st visit here I had the Lamb Kibbeh plate $12~grilled grain-fed halal meat patty with vegetables, pine nuts, burghul and aromatic spices. All plates come with your choice of organic brown rice or roasted potatoes (my plate here had both for some reason?), hummus, hot sauce made with jalapeno’s and olive oil, green salad, homemade pickle, tabbouleh~the kind I love~with some bulgar tossed in and pita bread for dipping. All dishes come with tahini except lamb~that comes with tzatziki.

This lamb was ground really fine the patty was very dense and was unfortunately kind of dry so I’m glad the tzazaki sauce was there to add some moisture and also it could have used some more herbs inside for more flavor, all the other items on the plate were really good and have been fresh and consistent with every meal I’ve had.

Here is what I had on my last visit, the falafel plate with brown rice $10.50

I’m a sucker for great falafel and Nuba makes some yummy ones, there hot and fluffy on the inside and golden and crisp on the outside and the brown rice here has a real nutty creamy taste to it that I really love-it almost tastes like tahini is mixed in

the homemade pickle has a beautiful pink hue to it and has a faint taste of beets that are the source of that pink color. The tabbouleh is a fresh addition to there plates and has a nice zip from fresh lemon juice.

next up is the najib’s special plate $11

The najib’s special is made from a vegetable that I really don’t like normally~cauliflower, I could eat tons of this but I save it for a treat every now and then, the cauliflower is brown and delicious but don’t be fooled-it’s not baked like you would think, instead they guild the lily here by DEEP FRYING it!.

it’s all golden brown and crispy on the outside with a nice lemony zip

and tender and moist on the inside!, they provide a side of tahini for dipping in and man it’s so good!

Quality, flavorful food is the call of the day here and the service is good and the staff is very knowledgeable so if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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Nuba (Seymour) on Urbanspoon

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