La Bretagne Creperie-Take A Break And Savor The Crepe’s

Some places are really hiding right in front of your eye’s I’m happy I stumbled upon this quaint hide creperie.  La Bretagne does a wide selection of savory and sweet crepe’s along with what I can describe as baked crepes~crepes and a couple of fillings with béchamel sauce and Swiss cheese and then baked golden brown~one of the gentlemen was eating one of these dishes and it caught my eye as well as delicious looking french onion soup.

Here’s what I have tried so far:

Cafe latte $2.95, they make a decent latte here and it stayed piping hot for a while~they heat the cups nicely with the espresso machine I think~nice touch.

Americano $1.95, a standard americano, nice crema on the espresso.

The Black Forest Ham, Mushroom and Béchamel sauce crepe with Swiss Cheese $8.75 + $2.95 for the Swiss

I really enjoyed this, the sauce had a nice amount of nutmeg in it and the ham was not to thin so you for a nice amount of it.

the crepe was nice and thin and crisp on the outside and the sauteed mushrooms added a nice earthy note to this rich crepe.  I could have licked my plate it was that good.

Normally I’d be finished up and would leave but I had to have another crepe so asked what the server would recommend and this is what I was presented with

Apple, Swiss cheese and cinnamon crepe $6.95

I was a happy camper with this bad boy!, she said most people get it for breakfast with sausage and eat it with maple syrup or light syrup they offer

I passed on the sausage and loved every bite, the apple filling is fresh and there’s nice big chunks of apple that’s buttery soft~it’s like apple pie without all the crust and the Swiss didn’t stand out actually.

Baked Crepes with Ham, Asparagus and Leek Fondue with Swiss cheese $10.75 + $2.95 for the leek fondue, I’ve never had baked crepes before and I really love them it turns out!.  They have a thing called leek fondue~sliced leeks cook down with cream and butter~magic!, the crepes are layered with blanched asparagus, béchamel sauce, leek fondue and ham topped with Swiss cheese and baked till bubbly and golden brown, again this is on my list of favorite items and is a must try if you come here.

La Bretagne Creperie on Urbanspoon

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