Moms Grilled Cheese Truck

The newest addition to the Vancouver food truck/cart scene is Moms Grilled Cheese Truck and it’s a match made in heaven like grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Owner Cindy Hamilton is the lady behind this fine food truck, hailing from London Ontario, she’s a 20 year veteran of the food industry including restaurant, catering and movie/TV craft services on films including Kill Bill, The Great Raid, Ultra Violet, The Painted Veil, Mission Impossible 3, The Kite Runner, The Mummy 3 and Ramona and Beezus.

It’s safe to say she knows her food and to keep true to great ingredients, all the cheese for the sandwiches come from La Grotta Del Formaggio and she features old school Pop Shoppe beverages.

All the orders are prepared fresh and the service is great and everyone is super friendly.  Mom’s is planning on being open 11:00am-3PM Mon-Fri and be prepared for a bit of a wait around the lunch hour rush.  Ordering is simple, you get your choice of bread-classic white, sourdough, marble rye or multigrain, choose your cheese-Cheddar, Havarti, Pepper jack, Provolone (lactose free) and decide if you want any add one-they feature 2 different categories here-deluxe and super deluxe for .50 and $1.50 respectively.  Gluten free bread and vegan cheese is available as well for .75 each extra.  Besides the grilled cheese sandwich Mom’s also offers a selection of specialty grilled cheeses that include a meatloaf grilled cheese and a big boy called the Jackson 3-a sammy that three pieces of sourdough surrounded by melted, Brie, Boursin and Gruyere.  Dessert isn’t forgotten well, they have a desert grilled cheese called the sweet thangs-Caramelized apples, candied pecans, and cinnamon mascarpone cheese on Brioche that I want to try.  Roasted tomato soup and Karen’s killer chilli as also on the menu here.

Seeing it was late in the day a lot of items were sold out so I went with a basic sandwich and an orange Pop Shoppe drink.

The Swiss Cheese on Marble Rye with Sliced Tomato $6.  All sandwiches come with a slice of dill pickle and chips in the bottom of your sandwich cone

They get great marks for packaging quality, the wrapper that your grilled cheese goodness is packed in is nice and thick so it wont rip.

My Swiss cheese was great and you could taste the nuttiness in the cheese and the marble rye was rich and hearty like a great rye bread.  The sandwich wasn’t overly greasy like some grilled cheese can be mad the selection of cheese offered makes Mom’s grilled Cheese a total winner in my books and I can’t wait to try the roasted tomato soup and the Jackson 3 sandwich, Mom’s if defiantly on my favorite street food list for comfort food like my mom couldn’t make!

Updated Oct 14,2011

I went back and had myself this:

The Jackson 3 $8.50.  Three pieces of sourdough surrounded by melted, Brie, Boursin and Gruyere, this took the disappointment away from me getting a iPhone 4s!, it was full of cheese and the sourdough was great-word of caution the brie is the molten lava so use caution!

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7 responses to “Moms Grilled Cheese Truck

  1. i am SO going here. I didn’t know about this food truck and I’m the grilled cheese queen. Thank you for posting that Jackson 3 – that’s my mission. Plus, pop shoppe pop? how can you go wrong. I want that Jackson and a Black Cherry pop. yum.

    • your in for a treat that’s for sure!,I saw she has another dessert sandwich called the fat Elvis that is on my hit list,lines are long during the 12-1pm hour so hit them up after the lunch rush

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