A Taste Of Eastern Europe At The Ukrainian Village

For as long as I can remember the Ukrainian Village restaurant has been serving up great Eastern European classics in the West End.  from the minute you walk in the door it’s like you’ve stepped into someone’s cozy house for some good home cooking.

It’s a family run business that is open Monday-Sunday (they open at 5PM on Mondays) for lunch and dinner.  The menu is varied with classics like schnitzel, homemade perogies and delicious soups your sure to find something that satisfy your hunger.

I usually get the same thing here because it has a bit of everything I LOVE

The Ukrainian Dinner $19.95, two cabbage rolls, six perogies, Ukrainian sausage, vinegar dressed coleslaw, pickled beets and NUCLEAR hot mustard.

The Ukrainian sausage is pretty standard, I don’t think it’s made in house but who cares-it’s darn good and a quality product.

On the menu this is listed just as vegetables but it’s more like a coleslaw that’s seasoned nicely with some herbs and a vinegar type dressing, the beets are really good and that mustard is damn hot so beware-I don’t even touch it and have learned my lesson.

You get six perogies and they have 3 different kinds-potato and fried onion,homemade sauerkraut and cheddar with potato.  I usually get an assorted mix but my favorite is the sauerkraut-it’s not like that stinky stuff from the jar, it’s more sweet than sour.

Finally you get two cabbage rolls, they also offer a vegetarian version but I went with the meat.  They make good cabbage rolls here and there HUGE and not just a bunch of rice and filler

there’s a great mix of onion and beef and the sauce on top is nice with a sweet/sour taste.

One thing that is for sure here is the fact your going to walk away with a full stomach of some good home cooking and the Ukrainian Village is definitely one of the West End gems offering something totally unique the neighborhood.

Ukrainian Village on Urbanspoon

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