MoMo Sushi Gastown-Russian Roulette Sushi Style

A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday I found myself in Gastown and in need of a late lunch. Hunting around the first 2 places I wanted to go to we’re closed and I didn’t want to hit a pub so I checked the Urbanspoon mobile app and I came across Momo Sushi, it had a good rating so I thought it would be a safe bet but this would not be the case.

I can remember this place from years ago when it was serving up North American food with a 50’s twist so the place has undergone a complete change.  It’s an odd space-when you walk in there are 2 small booth’s and a sushi bar you can’t sit at then you walk down some stairs and you’re in lower area of the building-the Guu is upstairs and the design of the building makes Momo like a sushi dungeon.

From the moment I walked in I was seated quickly and the place was busy with a few tourist groups, the one thing I did notice from the minute I walked in was how warm it was in the restaurant and how loud it was also and the picture above is the reason why-it’s a completely open kitchen area concealed by bamboo window shades and a couple framed posters-sushi restaurants aren’t supposed to be hot like a ramen joint.

Food wise I went with something I thought would be a safe bet and looked like a good value-a lunch box and an order of spicy tuna rolls so lets check out what I got.

The miso soup was ok, it was a bit on the salty side but I would say it was pretty standard.

green salad came with the lunch box.  It had a soy vinaigrette on it but the “from bag to bowl” aspect of this made it a complete turn off.

Lunch Box A $7.95, chicken teriyaki, California rolls, sunomono salad, gyoza, tempura and a bowl of rice.

Sunomono salad-it was pretty standard and there is better out there.

California Rolls were up next.  The imitation crab mix for these wasn’t very fresh.  I asked when I ordered my lunch box if I could swap out the California rolls for something else like a yam tempura roll or a kappa maki roll but no substitutions were allowed.

In the box you get a gyoza filled with some kind of meat filling, it tasted good but from being placed in a pool of sauce it was soggy.

Mixed tempura was in the box and was actually my favorite thing in the box, the batter was a bit thick on the ebi but the other tempura veg made up for it.

The chicken teriyaki here was really good as well, the crispy coating was great and the color was bang on for what perfect fried chicken should be like-a southern grandma would be proud.

Now this is where things went really wrong.  When my spicy tuna came to my table I totally thought they used salmon from the color and more specifically the smell, I looked a bit closer and realized that it was very chunky fish rubbed with a chili paste that gave it that color but it still smelled like salmon so I ate a piece and immediately spit it out, it was the one of the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had.

I received my bill and was waiting to pay but no one came to take my cash so I went to where the wait staff were all huddled by the sushi bar and cash register and stood there for a few mins waiting again for some service and I noticed something really scary-a bunch of fish sitting out on the counter across from the refrigerated sushi bar and the fish looked like it had been there for a while and could have been used in my “spicy tuna”.  After seeing all of this I was wondering if I was going to get sick later and that is the quickest way for me to know I won’t be back to MoMo sushi anytime soon.

MoMo Sushi on Urbanspoon

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