Rogue Kitchen and Wet Bar

One restaurant that has really embraced all forms of Social Media and there customers as well is Rogue Kitchen and Wet Bar at Waterfront Station. They offer daily specials if you follow them on Twitter, contests via Facebook and free gift certificates for drinks and menu items if you “check in” on your visit on Foursquare and that’s just what they have in the works right now, @MaryInVancity introduced me to this place and informed me of the deals they offer via social media, it’s definitely on her usual dining and drinking spots and her post in it can be found here.

The space is great and with the high ceilings it’s afforded them the opportunity to really split the space up and make intimate dining areas that are great for any sized group.

pardon the green spots on the picture

They really create a nice atmosphere at night with the candlelight and over sized Jetson like chandeliers.

These are the drinks we scored for following them on Twitter, the specials change daily and today it was any drink off the menu, I went with the Central City Raspberry Wheat Ale~Infused with raspberries from the Fraser Valley, this wheat ale is crisp and clean with a subtle fruitiness. The toasted crystal malt from England balances the natural acidity of the raspberries producing a beer that is refreshing and a delightful taste experience, Mary went with a glass of Gewürztraminer, at $11 for the wine and $6 for my beer it’s a no brainer to follow them on Twitter.  They have a HUGE beer list and some killer cocktails and shots so if you’re looking to hit a bar and watch the game Rogue is the place for you.

Asian Potstickers were up next for us, recommended by our server they were a hit, they were nicely fried and filled with seasoned pork and served with a sesame soy and sriracha dipping sauce for $8.99.

The Sushi Bombs 2.0 are a new thing to me but one of the things the Rogue is known for, they are sushi rice rolled in a ball and topped with albacore tuna, tobiko, wasabi flying fish roe, sriracha & sesame seeds and chased with wasabi soy shots~you put the whole thing in you mouth and squeeze the soy wasabi shot in your mouth as you pull it out.  They were OK~I thought the wasabi roe along with the sriracha on top along with the soy mix was a bit hot for me, the tuna was really understated compared to the other ingredients in this dish.  For $9.99 it was a neat thing to try but I wouldn’t order it again.

Mary went with the Coconut Poached Chicken Salad, it had snap peas, red & yellow peppers, mango, mixed greens, cashews, thin Asian noodles and sesame soy dressing, for $14.99 it was a filling meal and a pretty big salad, the coconut poached chicken really added a nice Thai touch to the meal.  Mary said she enjoyed it and from what I tasted I would order it sometime.

With my never ending burger hunt I just had to try the 9.2oz Rogue Burger, it was totally ultra juicy, a two napkin-er, made from house ground sirloin burger cooked to 160 F, placed on a sesame brioche bun and topped with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle, sweet relish & mayo, served with your choice of fries~they have 4 or 5 different varieties or a salad for $12.99 it’s a solid choice, I went with their regular fries on this visit

they use Kennebec Potatoes for all their fry variety’s and were munched on by the both of us.

With the great service we got, the diverse food choice along with all the specials~both via Social Media and regular daily in house specials Rogue Wet bar is going on my go to list for drinks and good eats and would suggest it to anyone~especially if you’re visiting our fine city in the Gastown area.

Rogue Kitchen and Wet Bar on Urbanspoon

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