More Great Stuff From Mangal Kiss MidEast BBQ

Things are coming along nicely with one of my favorite food carts in the city~Mangal Kiss MidEast BBQ.  I was blown away with my first shishlik I had and since then they’ve introduced a lot of Vancouver gourmet Middle Eastern BBQ and have now brought a couple new items to the menu~delish soup and lamb!

The house made toppings are like a kaleidoscope of color~traditional items like hummus, tahini, tabbouleh along with the more exotic toppings beets, pickled turnips and slices of Moroccan spiced carrots are all available along with sauces with different ranges of heat level.

Everything is still grilled to order in front of you~there’s nothing like the smell of grilling meat and it does a great job of drawing you to the cart!

Phyllis has added a fresh homemade daily soup to the cart for these cold wet days we get in Vancouver, on this visit they were featuring a roasted peach and squash soup with a hint of cumin~it was totally delicious and I licked the bowl clean, the peach and squash were a great combo.

This is one of the new daily specials and features a lamb kebab as the protein, the toppings are a bit different from with the other offerings they usually have but there just as good and unique flavor wise.

The addition of the homemade Harissa Aioli really gave this bad boy a great tang in the flavor department, it usually comes on a whole wheat pita but I’m in love with the traditional Iranian taftoon flat bread so I chose to have it on that.

This is how the shishlik starts if you order it with everything on it veggie wise.

Then your meat gets added

It’s quite a thing of beauty I think and is a feast for the eyes just as much as the taste buds!

This flavor torpedo hits your taste buds hard when you take that first bite, the different textures and unique flavors of each of the toppings is like nothing I’ve had anywhere in Vancouver and shouldn’t be missed if you’re in the Downtown core by the Vancouver Art Gallery and also if you’re visiting Vancouver and a food lover be sure to pop by and try some of The Mangal Kiss MidEast BBQ’s great treats.

They are open right now Monday to Friday and info can be found on the Street Food App and also the Eat St App also follow them on Twitter @MangalKiss .

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