Apple Pie In-A-Jar

This weekend I was lucky enough to make it by the Salty Tongue Cafe in Gastown for a tasting of Follow Me Foodie’s Apple Pie In-A-Jar.

Mijune Pak has taken here Recipe To Riches worthy recipe and put a great twist on it and with February being Apple Month~an initiative to support local Okanagan farmers and growers during a slower time of year, the Apple Pie In-A-Jar was born!

At the event that was also supported by Natures Path and they had bags of their “Love Crunch” Apple Crumble available for sale at a steal of a price of $3 each with 100% of the proceeds going to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and also BC Tree Fruits provided free apples to everyone who came out.

Mijune’s creation is a step up from traditional apple pie, it all starts with an almond crust, Mexican vanilla and cardamom spiced apples, a later of salted butter crunch and topped off with a maple cinnamon creme brulee~the apple pie that mom couldn’t make!

All the ingredients are great on their own but when you combine them like this you get one kick ass apple dessert, the maple cinnamon creme brulee topping was like a rich vanilla sauce and was reminiscent of  the melted ice cream in apple pie à la mode and the salted butter crunch helped from keeping this dessert from being too sweet.  I really enjoyed this nice treat and the serving size was just perfect~not too much but definitely not to little and the price of $8 in the jar was good seeing all the labor and steps involved in making this wonderful creation.

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