A Real Japanese Hideaway In The Heart Of Granville Street

ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro is a great place to sit and people watch in the summer time on the patio drinking Sapporo and in the winter time the patio closes and it becomes a Japanese hideaway in heart of the Granville entertainment district.

The space is light up front where the windows are and gets more dark and intimate the further back you go with a lobe sushi bar on one side of the room where the kitchen is and table and chair/banquet seating lining the other half of the room.

I stopped in for lunch on this visit and I was greeted with a friendly hello and seated promptly at the bar.  With a couple of menus available I stuck with the fresh sheet and I didn’t even look at the big sake and alcoholic bevies menu.

I started with some green tea and loved how it was served in a nice heavy metal tea pot.  It was around $3 and lasted for the length of my meal.

Food wise I had a bowl of their miso soup, it was a good bowl of soup with lots of diced tofu at the bottom.  It was a good standard bowl of miso soup.

For my appy I had to give an order of the prawn gyoza a try, for just around $9 it was some of the more expensive prawn gyoza’s out there but the seafood was really nice and plump and definitely not over cooked, one thing that did surprise me is the way that they were made~with the tails up like that~it wasn’t my thing seeing I found them difficult to eat and not eat the tail attached, If I wanted to use my hands I would have had no issue but with chopsticks there was a problem, that all being said they were really good and the filling was great and I would get them again.

The main I went with was off their fresh sheet, the Miso Pork Katsu set at $9 and change it was served in a sizzling plate on a bed of shredded cabbage and a side bowl of rice.

The pork katsu was delicious and the panko breading was crunchy with a nice sweet hit from the miso sauce it was a great meal.  The tenderness of the pork was great and I must say that this is one of the best Japanese pork cutlets I’ve had in a while.

ShuRaku is a great place if you’re looking for some quality sushi in the downtown core especially on a Friday or Saturday night,  a couple of my friends have also eaten here and swear by it so even tho this was just a lunch for me no qualms about recommending this place to anybody based in my friends experiences as well as mine.

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2 responses to “A Real Japanese Hideaway In The Heart Of Granville Street

  1. ShuRaKu is a great Japanese restaurant with a convenient location. I’ve only gone back once or twice, when I should be going more!
    Their black cod is sooooo good!

    • I really enjoyed myself that’s for sure,I saw some really good looking sushi platters coming out from the sushi bar that really caught my eye

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