Quick Noms~Viet Sub on Robson Street

Quite often than not I find myself not able to sit down for a leisurely meal so grabbing something quick is in order~but making a choice that is both solid quality wise and somewhat healthy leaves me kinda screwed on the weekend when our street food carts aren’t all open.  I have been meaning to check out Viet Sub on Robson St and have heard great things about it from numerous people but the dining space is literally the size of my bathroom and packed when ever I go by so I was delighted to find them totally empty on a Saturday afternoon~YAY!

I love me some Pho and I am looking forward to giving it a try but on this visit I was after something a bit more hearty and quick to eat~the classic Bánh mì, so I placed an order for what looked most appetizing to me~a B5:

The Special Sub, $4.25~Vietnamese ham, cold cut meats, pate and meat ball and topped with the traditional picked veg topping and cilantro.

It reminded me of a foodie football!, the bread was beautifully crusty of the outside and soft and tender on the inside, inside under the meats there was a savory mayo of some kind that complemented the big flavors of the cilantro and added a nice creamy touch.  The meats were tender but I couldn’t discern the different types but I cold taste the pate but at the end of the day it was delish and totally filled my up.

With my first visit under my belt I’m already looking forward to my next meal and having a some Pho and some spring rolls and actually having a leisurely lunch in the Vietnamese closet also known as Viet Sub.  Job done for under $5!

Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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