Cadeaux Bakery~An Oasis Of Heaven

I’ve been wanting to come here ever since I saw Erin Ireland’s Instagram feed that was full of these sinful treats from a new bakery on the edge of the Downtown Eastside and Gastown~the wonderful Cadeaux Bakery!

It’s an open concept bakery where you can see all the deliciousness being created and there are about 6 or 7 nice sized tables for you to dine-in on your wonderful choices.

The large display case is constantly refilled with treats throughout the day and they all looked really good!

Through out the display area there are lots of packaged cookies and treats for you to choose from.  I have to go back for one of those salted caramel brownies for sure!

I went with a slice of their rich and decadent chocolate bread pudding and a Americano, for both items after tax the bill was $6 and change so prices are on par with other good quality bakeries.

It was rich and moist throughout and the rum sauce that was drizzled on top was a nice sweet touch to the bread pudding, the chocolate flavor was also good yet it didn’t dominate the bread pudding~a great balance at the end of the day.

I’d say that Cadeaux is going to be a Vancouver institution and I’m looking forward to checking out there other sweet and savory treats!

Cadeaux Bakery on Urbanspoon

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