Lunch That Won’t Leave You In The Pourhouse

For the longest time now I’ve been meaning to stop in at the Pourhouse Restaurant in Gastown to check out there awesome lunch deal that I’ve heard tons about from other bloggers and boy they weren’t wrong!

The menu on its own looked really good and I’m definitely coming back for more but on this visit I wanted to check out the $14 lunch special, for that price you get your choice of 5 or so draft beers, a sandwich and a side.

For my beer choice I went with something that I like to drink but don’t find on tap many places-White Bark Wheat Ale, it’s a local beer and usually sold in liquor stores in large single bottles.  It’s light and easy to drink with a floral note to it, this is a beer that I would recommend to anybody especially someone who doesn’t drink beer often.

For my main and side I went with their pulled pork sandwich and cream of cauliflower soup.

The soup was really good without being to rich, it was drizzled with EVOO and garnished with chives and fresh ground pepper, the cauliflower taste was nice without being too pungent.

My pulled pork sandwich was moist and juicy, the smoke flavor wasn’t too strong and the slaw helped cut the richness of the meat, the bread was also pretty good and did a great job of holding together while I ate my sammy-I’m used to having my pulled pork on a bun of some sort so this was a nice change.

The Pourhouse is known for their classic cocktails and since it was after 4PM someplace in the world I decided to have a Jefferson County:

It contained gin, lillet, St Germain, fresh lemon juice, some simple syrup and grapefruit bitters topped with some sparkling wine and garnished with a lemon cheek in this case, the drink is a creation from bar manager Christopher Flett.  This  hand shaken bad boy was a pleasure to drink, it was mixed perfectly and all the flavors balanced each other out, at $12 it was worth every penny.

I’m already looking forward to my next meal at the Pourhouse-they have a burger that is highly rated by the wonderful Sherman’s Food Adventures, you can read his post about the Pourhouse here.

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