Quick Noms-One Saigon

One of the pho places that I had yet to visit downtown is a little hole in the wall called One Saigon on Hornby St.  I found myself passing by later in the afternoon~if your a Foursquare user you get 30% off your food bill for checking in after 3pm!, you walk in and order at the counter, the menu is small but there is a bit of everything good in Vietnamese cuisine and the daily specials are worth checking out as well.

I placed an order for a couple of standard items I usually get:

A bowl of chicken pho that was around $7.50

And some spring rolls, you get 4 pieces for $5.50 or so and they are served with the usual sweet fish sauce concoction.  I found the wrapper for these to me nice and crisp but a bit greasy, on the plus side they were piping hot.

With my bowl of pho all fixed up with the usual suspects-Thai basil, bean sprouts, lime and some hot sauce, I was really impressed with how light the broth was yet it was comforting and a treat to eat.  They also get major props here for freshness of ingredients, my bean sprouts were milky white and crisp.  The noodles were not over done and there was just the right amount for the size of the bowl.

I had a satisfying meal here and the service was great, the food was fresh and tasty and the 30% off with a Foursquare check-in will have me coming back to eat a ton more from the menu.  I’d easily recommend One Saigon if you’re looking for a solid Vietnamese meal that won’t break the bank.

One Saigon on Urbanspoon

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