Quick Noms-Bali Thai Southeast Asian Grill

In my search for solid, cheap eats I was really pleased to read Foodology.ca’s post about Bali Thai in the Harbor Center Mall food court, you can check it out by clicking here.

There known for outstanding, friendly service here and great food to match-something that I haven’t found a lot of in food court cuisine.  I’ve made a couple visits there this week and tried a couple 2 item combos so let’s get on to the good shall we!

This is a plate that I had on my 2nd visit, it’s Indonesian Fried rice as a base and my 2 items were a Indonesian Lamb Curry and a stewed eggplant dish, the wonderful owner also insisted that I take a vegetable fritter with some of their outstanding peanut sauce because as she put it-“you look like a hungry boy!”-lady you have no idea!.  I had the lamb curry on my 1st visit and there’s a picture of it below and description below, it was so good I had it again on this visit .

The vegetable fritter with the peanut sauce was something that I could eat a ton of-it really was that star of the plate, it had a good mix of veggies in it and that peanut sauce was smooth and flavorful and should not be missed.

The eggplant for me was not a winning dish, I found it sour tasting and the spices really did overpower and the fish sauce flavor was a but too much for me.  The rice option that I chose was OK but the other type I tried on my 1st visit was my favorite hands down.

This is the Indonesian Lamb Curry, it was creamy, fragrant and delish, the meat was super tender and pretty much melted in my mouth, the sauce was not spicy at all and had coconut milk in it I believe and potatoes made u the rest of the dish.  For the rice choice I went with a saffron and coconut rice that was fragrant and delicious.

For my other item I chose a beef curry from Indonesia I believe, it consisted of nice tender chunks of beef in a flavorful coconut broth-no potatoes in this one, boss lady said it was really popular and she was right, the dish wasn’t much to look at but made up for it flavor wise.

For a 2 item combo with your choice of rice or noodles it will run you $6.49 and you will leave with a smile on your face and a full belly that’s for sure-if you’re a big eater they’ll give you extra rice for free which is a great thing.  If you find yourself in the area and looking for a lunch that is out of the norm for most food courts I’d give these guy’s a try.

Bali Thai on Urbanspoon

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