Cactus Club Cafe English Bay

The new Cactus Club Cafe at English Bay has not only become known for its amazing view but it’s also a place where you could find a 90 minute or more wait for a table at dinner.  I made my visit on a lunch hour so I was able to get a table on the patio without a problem.

The location does have all the favorite items on the Cactus Club menu but there are also a couple of dishes that are completely unique to this location.

I started with the Ravioli and Prawn Trio.  A Rob Feenie Signature Dish.  Tender jumbo prawns and silky butternut squash filling team up with a rich truffle infused sauce and pine nuts.  I was really surprised how rich this dish would be-it was a filling appy and surprised me for only being 3 ravioli.  The pasta was Al dente and the right thickness for being fresh pasta.  This is a winning dish that I would order again

Tuna tataki and prawn salad with mango, cucumber, radish, crispy shallots and a yuzu vinaigrette for $17.  Another Rob Feenie Signature Dish. I like salads and this was a winner for me, the tart yuzu/soy dressing was a perfect compliment to the tuna and prawns.  The seafood and fish were really fresh and the tuna melted in my mouth, the prawns were plump and juicy.  The greens in the salad were also nice and fresh, the mango was the star of the mix and I would have loved more in it.  Again I’d order this and recommend it for a nice light but filling lunch.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar – with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and crunchy chocolate pearls.  This tasted like a gourmet Wunderbar!  The caramel sauce was thick and rich.  The chocolate bar itself was amazing, it melted in my mouth and the peanut butter flavor was just right.  The ice cream was rich, creamy and smooth with the perfect amount of vanilla flavor.  This is a must try for peanut butter and chocolate fans.

At the end of the day I had a great lunch and with a great selection of items I’d say it’s a great fit for a leisure lunch or romantic dinner with that killer English Bay sunset that we all love so much.

Cactus Club Cafe (English Bay) on Urbanspoon

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