Cookies Of Course

Cookies are one of my favorite sweet treats. I found myself in Harbor Center Mall having lunch and when I was leaving I smelled the aroma of fresh-baked cookies. This is how I was introduced to Cookies Of Course. Unlike other cookie retailers they sell cookies by weight instead of price/cookie so I picked up 3 fresh out of the oven treats.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies. With that perfect mix of peanut butter and chocolate this would satisfy any cookie lover. The chocolate chunks were oozy and gooey and the center of the cookie was nice and soft.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies. With a mix of milk and dark chocolate chunks these were what a chocolate chunk cookie should be. With a crisp outer and soft and chewy inside this was just what I love in a cookie.

I think Cookies Of Course is perfect for a mid afternoon cookie break, they make a perfect cookie if you’re a soft and chewy cookie lover.  For my 3 cookies the total came to just over $3 so I could see how these sweet treats could get expensive if you were buying by the dozen.

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