Mink Chocolates

Mink Chocolates has been on my list for a while now ever since hearing about them in the Hot Chocolate Festival.  I was lucky enough to finally get to visit the Downtown location a couple of times in a week and I think I had the BEST chocolate drinks ever!

Originally founded by Gustav Von Mink when the family relocated to Edmonton, Alberta. Their son Philip Mink carried on the tradition and love of making fine chocolate’s.  Now with the third generation of Mink’s running the business it’s definitely what a family business is all about.

They have a Frozen Dark Hot Chocolate.  Made with 72% chocolate, it had smooth but rich chocolate flavor.  When I was sitting there savoring this and trying to not gulp it down I realized that I should have gotten the large size and how this drink puts all the other blended, frozen chocolate drinks I’ve had and that are available everywhere really just don’t compare to this bad boy.

With every drink you get the same kind of chocolate used in the beverage to munch on.  After taking my bite I like to just let it melt on its own,,, then the other side of my brain kicks in and I eat it!

Dark Hot Chocolate.  This is what I had on my 1st visit.  Again the chocolate flavor was big but really smooth, this was definitely one easy to drink hot chocolate.  It really was a great hot version of the frozen version I had and you can really tell the chocolate is top quality.  Both drinks were just under $6 each.

I can’t wait to go back to Mink and try there Fondue and some of the house made chocolate bars.  If you’re in the mood for some unique chocolate combinations they have a location on West Hastings and one in South Surrey.

Mink Chocolates (W Hastings) on Urbanspoon

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