Quick Noms:Smile Diner

For years I’ve gone past the Smile Diner on Pender St and never could make it past looking at the outside.  Recently I found myself in the area and needed a quick-lunch so I finally headed into the Smile Diner and what seemed like a trip back in time.

I couldn’t stop looking around when I went in.  On one wall the wall paper looked like it was put up just after I was born and then above the lunch counter seating area I saw this:

With the combo of velvet tiger paintings, a million dollar bill and Sly Stallone I knew I was in a “dive” and “hole in the wall” combo.  The next decision that needed to be made was if I felt like eating diner Chinese food or go with the Western side of the menu-I chose Western seeing I didn’t have long to eat.

I ordered a sandwich and fries, this showed up at my table first, a diner amuse bouche of vegetable bean soup!

It was a basic soup, I did appreciate that it was homemade.

For my lunch I went with the diner standard, the Clubhouse with Fries on brown bread for around $9.

The sandwich was a pretty standard clubhouse sandwich.  The one thing I found odd was the chicken, usually it’s sliced from a roast or even in some cases a sliced deli style but this was a per cooked or “supplier” type product.  While it tasted OK it had a weird texture or “spongy” texture to it.   I would have loved this sandwich if the chicken was something actually cooked by them.

My fries were cooked nicely and were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside the again came from the same supplier probably and were reminiscent of concession stand type fries.

In the end I got a lunch that filled me up for around $10, I kinda find it sad tho most of my food wasn’t home cooked.  I should have gotten a burger or some Chinese food because some of the plates I saw coming out looked pretty damn good!  I’m still going to head back for some more food but not going to be afraid to ask what Boss Lady recommends.

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