Quick Noms:Ebi Ten Japanese Fast Food

After an adventure to EAT! Vancouver and walking up Robson some quick and some what cheap eats were in order.  Ebi Ten fit the bill perfectly so myself and Melissa from Eye’s Bigger Than My Stomach headed in for some Japanese fast food.  The restaurant is small so seating isn’t good for large groups, as we sat and ate our meals I noticed a steady stream of customers so Ebi Ten must be doing something right.

I believe this was the Ebi-Teri Bowl.  It consisted of teriyaki chicken, rice, lettuce, Japanese mayo and some assorted tempura.  This was an OK meal for me, I liked that the chicken wasn’t deep-fried 1st and was marinated with the teriyaki sauce.  The assorted tempura was made up of a couple ebi and some yam, the batter was perfect on the ebi (prawns) but the yam itself was cut too thin so it ended up being an unbalanced bite.  The Japanese mayo was unexpected, I personally like it because there is a tang to it and it’s thick and rich.  The lettuce was a total let down because it wasn’t the freshest and the rice I’m indifferent about-it was sticky yet not ice-cold.

At the end of the day each bowl with a bottle of water came to $10.50 with taxes, If you’re looking for a simple and cheap lunch it fits the bill but it won’t blow you away.

Ebi-Ten (Robson) on Urbanspoon

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