The Big Boy Grilled Cheese

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Comics in the tables, jukeboxes at every table and snappy service, this can mean only one thing-lunch at The Templeton!  I had a lunch meeting and we needed to meet someplace comfortable so The Templeton was a perfect fit.

I went with something simple or so I thought-a grilled cheese with fries and a tossed salad (you get your choice of sides and for a couple bucks more you can get fries and a small salad).  As you can see this isn’t your typical diner salad.  This beautiful bunch of vegetables was a kaleidoscope of color and flavor.  The greens and veggies were all fresh and they use a strawberry vinaigrette that added a nice fruity flavor without being too sweet.

The grilled cheese and fries came to the table and I was hit with the complex aroma of cave aged Gruyère cheese.  This is one of those sandwiches that you eat with a knife and fork.  When I took my 1st bite it was a flavor punch of the thinly sliced raw onions and then the Gruyère cheese-it’s a smack down for your taste buds.  The bread was super crispy, the cheese was beautifully melted and did a great job of holding the toppings to the bread.  If you’re not a fan of big flavored cheese I’d suggest substituting another cheese like cheddar.  I called this the “big boy” grilled cheese simply because I wouldn’t serve it to a kid-they would freak out and spit it out!

Every meal I’ve had at The Templeton has been good and this was no different.  If you’re looking for a solid, no fuss meal I’d definitely suggest The Templeton on Granville Street any day of the week.

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