Pub Food 2.0

It’s one of my favorite places in town and I’m not gonna lie-I loves me some Ensemble Tap and the creations that Dale MacKay and Chef Brad Hendrickson come up with.  They’re really good about keeping the menu’s fresh and adding new things with a seasonal focus.

Also with an eye towards value they’ve introduced a bunch of daily drink specials as well as a new $10 lunch menu that runs from 11AM-2PM that features a great choice of items to choose from, to check out a complete up to date list of the daily specials please click here.

Something that was introduced to the brunch and lunch menu is the Onion Velouté, it has Five-Year-Aged white cheddar, a focaccia crisp and fresh chives as a garnish.  The soup was nice and smooth with a light onion flavor that went great with the cheese.  The focaccia crisp with the cheese baked on it was the perfect dipper for the soup.  If you like cheddar you’ll love this velvety mug of love.

I’m one of those people who LOVE beets.  Ensemble Tap’s version of  beet salad is a mix delicious combination of shaved fennel, watercress, a horseradish cream and a sherry vinaigrette.  The beets were roasted nicely and they had a great sweetness to them.  The horseradish cream was lightly scented with the horseradish so it wasn’t over powering,  being made with real whipped cream it added a richness to the salad.  On the plate as well were beet chips that had the texture if pork rinds-a nice alternative to croutons in a salad.

When I was served the Roasted Potato Gnocchi I was blown away,  it was a delicious mix of mushroom Puree, confit cherry tomatoes, marinated portobello mushrooms, Parmesan foam and arugula.  The components of the dish each stood on their own.  The tomatoes were skinned and when you bit into them it was an explosion of tomato and olive oil, they had a bit of bite to them but you could tell they were confit.  The mushroom puree was super smooth with that earthy flavor you expect from mushrooms, coupled with the marinated portobello slices it was a mushroom loves delight.  To cap it off was the arugula with that peppery bite.  But the star of the plate was that roasted potato gnocchi.  They were light and airy, that roasted flavor came through with them being pan-fried with some butter.

The saltines of the dish was came in the form of a Parmesan foam, I personally loved it and it added to the airy feel of the dish, the Parmesan flavor really came through.

On a brunch note I killed the pulled pork & barbecue beans dish on the menu.  I switched up the poached egg that it usually comes with and had scrambled eggs instead. Home fries, croutons, red onions and salsa round out the rest of the dish.

My eggs were cooked perfectly, they were completely light and fluffy.  The pulled pork is killer as usual and the beans were soft and flavorful.  The roasted potatoes and croutons were great carbs, the croutons would have been awesome soaked in the runny yolk.  This dish is a great hangover cure.

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