Ginger Garlic Cuisine Of India

Ginger Garlic is a local Indian restaurant just around the corner from my apartment.  Open for under a year they’ve taken over the old Wok Box location on Davie street that didn’t fare so well.  they offer some pretty good take out specials that caught my eye for the last little while-the restaurant is also located right in front of the bus stop I use so I’ve smelled the lovely aromas that come out of the restaurant for a while now.

For my dinner I picked up their Butter Chicken Thali Combo for $11.95.  It comes with butter chicken, daal, mixed vegetable channa, Basmati rice and plain naan.  It’s a take out only item and they offer 3 other different options besides the butter chicken option, I would have loved it if it was an eat in item seeing it’s pictured on the menu on a traditional metal tray.

The plain naan was OK but it lacked enough leoparding.  Texture wise it was a bit on the spongy side from being wrapped in foil right after it came out of the tandoor.  Flavor wise it was fine and was great to sop up the butter chicken sauce.

The rice was perfect and spiced with some fennel seeds I think~they kept getting stuck in my teeth.

The daal was really good and seasoned nicely.  The lentils were soft on the inside but weren’t complete mush.  Usually the daal’s I’ve had have been darker than this one which had a good amount of turmeric which gave it a nice yellow color.

Now we come to the mixed vegetable channa.  I really wanted to love this part of the meal but it had frozen vegetables in it and you could not only tell that visually but taste wise as well.  Flavor wise the dish was tomato based and reminded me of a thick vegetable stew.

The butter chicken was really good and there were lots of chunks of chicken breast in it.  The sauce was more on the creamy side and had kind of a sweet hint to it.  The one thing the butter chicken lacked was spice or heat, I was never asked if I wanted it mild, medium or hot.

Overall my dinner was good and the value can’t be beat, you get a good selection of items and in spite of the frozen vegetable use I was happy and had a full tummy.

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