Lunch at Guu with Garlic

Now that summer has finally set in and the sun is shining so patio lunches are a must. Walking home after running some errands I was in the mood for some eats-when am I not in the mood for food these days! Guu with Garlic filled that void in my tummy perfectly.

The lunch menu is a lot smaller than the menu posted at the door so keep that in mind if your going to make a visit. With a couple different lunch sets available and a selection of standard items on the back page I made my selections.

The lunch set I ordered came with a bowl of the daily soup. I’m not sure of the type it was but I can tell you they used a lot of bonito flakes in the broth.

The salad was alight.  the greens were forgettable in my mind-they didn’t look all that fresh but the dressing on the other hand was great, it was a soy based, sesame concoction and under the greens on top were the famous garlic chips that this Guu is known for.  this was pleasing to the palate but a bore to the eye.

Chicken Karaage is a favorite of mine and this was the first time having it here.  The breading on it was light and seasoned mildly, the pieces of chicken were nice and juicy.  The thing that I noticed with this chicken karaage was the that they leave the chicken skin on and because of the generous pieces of chicken the crisp skin to meat ratio was great.  On the is the thick and rich Japanese mayo I love.

For my lunch I went with the Barley Fed Pork Cutlet Curry Rice Set.  The curry was a bit on the sweet side but really enjoyable.  The pork cutlet was nice and tender and the breading was crisp.  On the side were some type of pickle that went well with the curry.  For $9 bucks it was a filling lunch and was a nice change from eating a lot of Indian curry’s lately.

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