Burrata Makes Me Happy

Verace Pizzeria has been the scene of a couple of my dining adventures as well as Melissa of Eye’s Bigger Than My Stomach.  We both love the burrata and since they do lunch till 3pm it was a perfect fit.

I had one of their homemade Lemonata Italian soda’s, Verace add’s their special touch by using rosemary to impart a slightly herbaceous hint to the tart lemon soda.

Melissa chose the Cherry flavored Italian soda.

We both love the Burrata and to out surprise it was on special for the month of July for $11.  Verace imports there burrata from Italy on a weekly basis and the quality shows.  The picture above is what I call the perfect burrata shot, the firmer outer layer combined with the fluffy creamy inside make for a heavenly experience and the icing on the cake is the cream inside that oozes out when you cut into it.

Seeing I had pizza the night before I didn’t get one here but Melissa went with the Salerno Pizza and a side Basil Caesar Salad.  All their lunch specials are $12.50 and you get your choice of soup, classic Caesar or a basil Caesar salad, also the pizza’s are a bit smaller than the dinner sized versions.

I ended up trying a small piece, it plays off that sweet and salty flavor combo with the fig and prosciutto along with the grana padano.  I wasn’t sure of i would like this pizza and from the piece I had I ended up loving it.  The sweetness from the  fig came out nicely then the saltiness of the prosciutto with the cheese brought my palate back to savory land.  Melissa quite enjoyed this pizza along with the salad.

The Basilico Caesar is a delicious take on the traditional salad, who would think the addition on one ingredient could take it to the next level.  Fresh romaine and crispy pancetta tossed with house made anchovy-infused basil Caesar dressing then sprinkled with grana padano the flavors are bold with the basil adding a bright freshness.

For my main I went with a pasta.  The Capellini al Pomodoro is a mix of Angel hair pasta, chopped fresh tomatoes, garlic, marinara sauce, fresh basil and  extra virgin olive oil.  The way I would describe this a fresh light pasta with garden fresh tomato flavor.  The sauce wasn’t that traditional heavy tomato sauce and instead was an almost a lightly cooked sauce.  Pasta wise the capellini was a good choice, it wasn’t overwhelmed by the sauce.  With the fresh tomato and basil rounding out the dish with the cheese this had all the flavors you could want in a good Italian pasta dish.

Again Verace has done a great job serving up a satisfying meal, the specials were great and I’d come back for the dishes we had for lunch again any day.  Verace has a really reasonable corkage fee of $10 and as a bonus it’s free on Wednesdays for there Wine Wednesdays promotion.

Verace Pizzeria Napoletana and Enoteca on Urbanspoon


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