Street Food Friday:Off The Wagon Tacos

Today’s Street Food Friday is all about tacos. On the weekend I made it to the Yelp Street Food Fest at the Waldorf and the 1st place that was visited was Off The Wagon Taco’s and to wet my appetite I grabbed a trio of tacos for $11.

First up is the Beef Brisket Taco with a jalapeno slaw and topped with avocado crema and some kind of hot pepper sauce. The meat was seared beautifully and the jalapeño slaw went with the seasoning on the meat.  I added some homemade hot pepper sauce that had a nice amount of heat and a nice sweetness.

Next up is a Pulled Pork Taco with a citrus slaw again with avocado crema. This was one of my favorite tacos. The meat was mildly seasoned and melted in my mouth, the toppings and sauce added a savory note while the meat was bordering on the sweet side.

Lastly we have the homemade Chorizo Taco topped with onions and avocado crema.  This was the most flavorful taco of the bunch.  The homemade chorizo had a nice hit of garlic and spice also the meat was not to dry-alot of chorizo can be real crumbly like cooked ground beef.

If you’re looking for a quick taco fix you can find Off the Wagon Tacos during the week next to the Burrard Skytrain station on Dunsmuir St-just look for the little red truck.

Off the Wagon on Urbanspoon


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