Quick Noms:Beer and Fried Pickles

Recently the Yaletown Brewing Company was the place for one of my quick afternoon snack and beverage adventures.

For my drink choice I kind of went all out and got a beer flight. To my surprise the manager included a couple extra stops you could say with some beer samples that just hit the taps. While I enjoyed pretty much all the beers, the stand out for me was a chocolate stout.  Usually I don’t drink stout’s because of their heaviness but the chocolate flavor notes made this a pleasure to drink.  Price wise my beer flight came in at around $19 bucks, a great value for the amount of beer you get to try.

Seeing a need for some food to go along with the beer flight and to my delight seeing Fried Pickles with Parmesan Sour Cream Dip on the menu I knew I had to get some of those.  They lightly use a light ale tempura batter for their pickles which makes them nice and light with a crisp outer layer.

The Sour Cream Parmesan dip was nice and thick with a good amount of Parmesan flavor.

They cut the pickles thick here so there a pretty hefty appy and perfect to share.  Paired with the beer they were a great snack and coming in at $9 bucks they won’t break the bank.

Yaletown Brewing on Urbanspoon

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