The Baker and The Chef

The Baker and The Chef is now home to what used to be the Cambie Cafe.

This week they opened their doors to the public and I was happy to be invited to their media preview event for some eats and drinks.

All through the day fresh-baked treats are coming out of the kitchen.

The choices are varied and perfect for the neighborhood, from fresh loaves of bread and pastries everything is priced pretty good.

The room is cozy with lots of wood, the reusing of the industrial sized whisk’s as light fixtures is a great touch.

We were served a taste of pretty much everything from the menu.  They make a couple of fresh soups everyday, we were served Clam Chowder and a beef and vegetable soup.  I tried the beef soup and it was full of deep, rich beef flavor along with nice tender chunks of meat, it wasn’t overly salty and would be perfect on our wet fall days.

The bulk of the lunch menu is sandwiches made on their homemade breads.  They have a set choice of signature sandwiches for just under $10 for a large size or you can make your own custom creation.  I tried a couple of samples but I’m not sure of the specific names but one was the roast beef on focaccia bread with a pesto mayo and a turkey club with nice smoked bacon and cheddar cheese-both were great.

Salads are also a must try as well, all made fresh throughout the day.  They were offering a couscous and a 3 bean salad that both rocked.

My visit ended off with a delicious Peanut Butter Bar that was packed full of crushed peanuts and peanut butter.  Goodie bags with Shortbread Cookies as well as slices of Carrot Cake along with Chocolate Cake.  I enjoyed both slices of cake but the Carrot Cake was the winner hands down, it was super moist and the cream cheese icing was literally the icing on the cake!

If you’re looking for a delicious casual lunch I’d put The Baker and The Chef on you list.  There open Monday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

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