BaoQi eateri

So, places to get good Vietnamese in the Downtown core is slim pickings that’s for sure-I can count on one hand the of places that are solid choices.  While in my travels I’ve passed BaoQi a million times and am kicking myself for not wandering in sooner.

The space is eclectically decorated with pictures of the owners family and a water fall runs in the front window.  Bringing a feeling of warmth the walls are covered with nicely stained wood and there are basically 2 communal tables to dine at so it’s easily the most beautiful Vietnamese restaurants I’ve been to.

I came here with a deal I got from an app called Mobile Bandit.  They offer deals like $10 for $20 worth of food or 50% off a second item if something is purchased at regular price deals without having to prepay for anything-just pick the deal you want and it reserves it for 24 hours for you to redeem.  They not only have restaurant selections but shopping, family fun, services and grocery deals so I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that appeals to you.

I started with some of their autumn rolls served with peanut sauce for $5.50.  For the price you get 5 salad rolls which is a great deal.  They filled this roll with lemon grass tofu, fried shallots, chili’s and other veggies.  Flavor wise these were delicious, you get the delicateness of the lemon grass along with herbaceous mint that hit’s your taste buds last.  The peanut sauce was a great touch but could have used a bit more peanut flavor.

For my main I went with some marinated, grilled short ribs, you get your choice of noodles or rice.  Short ribs are a major favorite of mine and I loved these a lot.  They grilled these nicely and along with the sweet marinade the flavors worked really well.  To build an extra layer of flavor they added some sautéed scallions and black sesame seeds to the rice.  They say you eat 1st with your eyes and this was not only a beautifully plated dish but also a delicious meal to eat.

Thing’s were really great with my meal at BaoQi eateri and the Mobile Bandit app was the icing on the cake-I got a great deal along with delicious food and I’m already looking forward to my next Mobile Bandit dinner deal and bowl of pho at Baoqi eateri.  The app is available in the iTunes app store along with the Google Android Marketplace, learn more by clicking here.

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