Le Tigre Cuisine

The newest food truck to hit the Downtown street food scene-Le Tigre Cuisine, had their big début last Friday  and what opening wouldn’t be complete with an Eat St. feature being shot!  They were a perfect fit for the show with their unique menu and concept.  To get locals hungry for their food they set up at the Richmond Night Market with a yummy choice of items but the food on the truck downtown is totally new.

The brains behind Le Tigre Cuisine are Chef Clement Chan & Chef Steve Kuan.  They’re bringing a modern update and local ingredients to delicious traditional Chinese dishes in a West Coast setting.

There was a great turn out of fellow bloggers and street food lovers.  Eat St. shot a segment with Amy Smith of The Food Queen.com and I snapped a couple of pics of Amy describing her lunch.

While eating with Amy after her segment Marc Smith and Leeann Froese made it by for the opening and lunch.  It was a perfect fit for his 30 Day Adventure series that is Food Truck focused this time.  Both enjoyed there dishes and this is where I was introduced to Le Tigre‘s beet fries-thanks Leeann for offering me one!

To drink they had a choice of iced tea, a Plum Iced Tea and an Iced Black Tea with Lemon.  I ended up getting the lemon version, it wasn’t to sweet and packed a big black tea punch.

Even if you don’t like Brussel sprouts you still should try Le Tigre’s Crispy Brussel Sprout and Cauliflower Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, capers and cracked chili’s, $6.  The sprouts are fried to crispy perfection and have a nice nutty flavor to them from the cooking method and the crispy cauliflower reminded me of the Najib’s Special at Nuba.  The vinaigrette adds that needed zip and zing to bring everything together.  This salad will seriously leave you salivating.

The Beet Fries with a 7 Spice Mayo are my new favorite food truck item, ever since I tried the dish I’ve been craving them.There Beet fries are simple and something I’ve never seen before-ruby red beets that are coated in a light starch and fried till crisp then sprinkled with a touch of seasoning that has a hint of sweetness to it.  They serve these with a 7 spice mayo that has a touch of heat to it but works great with the beets.  The coating is light and they aren’t to greasy but then again I ate mine with chopsticks.  These come in at $6.

Le Tigre’s Chicken Karaage or as it’s known on the truck as Finger Licken Chicken is also a must try item, $6.  They cook it perfectly so it’s crisp outside and nice and juicy inside, flavor wise it reminded me of Taiwanese salt and pepper fried chicken pieces-seriously addictive.

One of the more unique items on the menu is the Kick Ass Rice with Pork Belly and Egg $7, they then guild the Lilly with sake butter and fresh herbs.  The egg in this dish is PERFECTLY poached and makes a great sauce for the rice bowl.  The pork is the same used in the other dishes, it’s melt in your mouth tender and has a sight sweetness to it.  Sake butter just takes this over the top with the richness of the butter and sake-a unique an awesome dish any egg lover should check out.

What Asian street food menu wouldn’t be complete with a Pork Belly Steamed Bun $4 each.  With the richness from the pork belly and the freshness from the basil, greens and pickled cucumbers you get a nice filling lunch without weighing your stomach down.  My one complaint is that with all steamed buns the bottoms tend to be over cooked and on the mushy side.

One thing that the street food scene has let me do is experience completely different dishes that I’ve never had or heard of before and the Pork Belly Shao Bing is a prime example of that, $7.  It’s like a Chinese flat bread sandwich with greens, bean sprouts, pickled cucumber, fried shallots and basil.  The bread on the shao bing has a nice buttery flavor to it and a crispness with the bread.  The pork was another level of richness that was tempered with the picked vegetables, bean sprouts and greens.  The mayo added a touch of creaminess to finish things off.  This is a sandwich you don’t want to let sit-the bread can get soggy and fall apart.

The food so far from Le Tigre has been great and there a  perfect addition to the Vancouver street food scene.  You can find them downtown on Alberni Street between Thurlow and Bute Street.  Stay informed via the Eat St. app for iPhone and Android or the Street Food App for iPhone and Android.

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