Street Food Friday:Blue Smoke BBQ

One of the treats at the Main Street farmers market besides heirloom tomatoes or delicious cheese, it’s BBQ!  I’ve heard of Blue Smoke BBQ from a couple other blogs so I was eager to get over to Main St on a Wednesday and get me some barbecue.

The dish that caught my eye was the Eat St Q Bowl, it’s basically everything great in a pulled pork sandwich minus the bread.  The meat at Blue Smoke BBQ is smoked with pecan wood and they do Carolina style BBQ which is a nice change from the southern BBQ that is popular in Vancouver.

The Eat St. Q Bowl starts with a layer of creamy coleslaw on the bottom of the bowl.  The pork is then added and man was it DELICIOUS!  Then they squirt some of what they call their Thunder Sauce, it’s a smokey and slightly spicy brick-red BBQ sauce with blueberry compote from the market that is cooked down and puree’d so there’s bit’s of blueberry in the sauce.  Blue Smoke has a custom spice blend of peppers and other ingredients that is from a spice merchant at the Pike Place Market.  The dish is topped off with a caramelized onion jam that is out of this world.  I really enjoyed Blue Smoke BBQ’s pulled pork and this creation in particular.  The meat had a subtle smokiness to it along with a beautiful moistness.  The sauce and onion jam really took this dish over the top and provided a flavor punch and sweetness.

I’d recommend Blue Smoke BBQ to anyone who loves good BBQ and this dish in particular-I was able to wander around the market and eat my pulled pork deliciousness without the mess.

Blue Smoke BBQ (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

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