Cho Pain Bakery

The Cho Pain is a well-known bakery and patisserie in the heart of the Davie Village neighborhood in Vancouver. They proudly craft the most delectable breads, pastries and croissants you can get in the West End.  I’ve bought cakes and other pastries from here for a few years now and have never been disappointed.  Recently I made a stop in for a late light lunch after phisio at St.Paul’s Hospital so I didn’t have my DSLR-iPhone 4s to the rescue.

They had a ton of yummy stuff and I went with the classic Quiché Lorraine.  They had a nice choice of mini Quiché but I must say the Lorraine version is my favorite because of the caramelized onion and lardon or bacon.  The pastry on this was nice and flaky with a nice buttery mouth feel.  As far as Quiché goes for me lighter is better filling wise and in this that was the case, the egg mixture was nice and fluffy and had the perfect filling to egg ratio.  The icing on the cake or Quiché in this case was the pile of caramelized onions in the middle of this beauty-sweet and savory all in one bite!

So while I’m sitting there eating my lunch I can’t help but look at all the delicious treats in the case and I ended up grabbing a couple of items to take home.

When I checked in on Foursquare I saw a tip from fellow food photography enthusiast @ErinEhm recommending there Chocolate Croissant so I picked one up, they sell here for around $4 bucks.  The croissant was buttery and the chocolate inside was a great quality but I think the croissants could have been cooked a bit more or darker for an added depth of flavor.

I saw that they had bags of Assorted Macaron‘s.  After some inquiry and finding out that they make them in-house and the fact they were reasonably priced at $5.95/bag they went home with me as well.  Flavor wise they were good but the individual flavors were subtle with lemon packing the most punch, the vanilla butter cream used was really good and it had a smooth vanilla flavor.  The one thing that wasn’t perfect with these was the shell, it was hollow basically when you bit into the macaron and having them all prepackaged led to some damaged cookies.

Overall Cho Pain is a winner for there cakes, breads and other sweet treats and they are a welcome local business in the Davie Village and West End where sushi and shawarma are king and awesome bakery’s are like finding a pot of gold.

Cho Pain Bakery on Urbanspoon

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