Still No Good Cubans In Vancouver-Sandwiches That Is

One sandwich that I absolutely LOVE and consider a treat seeing it’s really hard to find in Vancouver is the Cuban Sandwich.  Finding myself walking home from the Yaletown Roundhouse Skytrain Station I passed by a local coffee shop that I can remember from when I worked in the area 7 years ago offering my favorite treat in the form of a panini so I stopped into Coo Coo Coffee for a bite.

The Cuban sandwich is a great mix of Swiss Cheese, ham, pork roast and pickles that is then pressed with a weight on a flat top so it’s nice and crispy.

Upon ordering my panini and iced latte it was promptly pulled out of the display case and put in a microwave, let’s just say that I was kind of let down.  Then the waitress proceeded to pull out the panini press and plug it in while the sandwich was in the microwave for about a  minute or so, sorry but the press takes at least 5 minutes to heat up so let’s just say my panini would be pressed but was nowhere near crispy.  The flavors of the ham used was alright but it was something that wasn’t made in-house-deli meat and instead of pork roast there was deli turkey slices.  The cheese and pickles were the best thing about this sandwich and if they managed to put a crust or “toast” on the bun I could have delt with it but my panini was cold in the middle and the deli meats kinda left this as just a so so lunch.  The iced latte on the other hand was great, the coffee had a nice depth of flavor and since I had them use homo milk it was nice and rich.

Coo Coo Coffee on Urbanspoon

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