Notturno Paninoteca Kicks Up The Menu

One of my favorite places in Gastown to grab a killer panini has recently added more awesomeness to the menu, it’s time for some treats from Notturno Paninoteca.

Since my last visit they have added Charcuterie Boards filled with delicious meats, cheese and refreshing mixed greens with balsamic and EVOO.

Salads are now on the menu in the form of the Insalata Bresaole (pictured above) and a Seared Tuna version also.  This was right up my alley, the cured beef was rich and meaty while the arugula and cheese added peppery bite and a salty zing.

A couple new bruschette’s to the menu including the Tonno Bruschette.  It’s a great combo of fennel crusted Albacore Tuna and pickled veggies on a basil and EVOO pesto.  The flavor combos in these are pretty big, the fennel crusted tuna is cooked so it’s still juicy in the center.  To add some crunch and break up the richness of the tuna the pickled vegetables are perfect, for me the flavor of the pickled red pepper brought back memories of a neighbor of mine from Eastern Europe who would make similar pickles.

One item that has been on the menu for a bit but and was a favorite of mine from day one is the Duck Prosciutto bruschette.  You might not have heard of duck prosciutto but once you try it I think you’ll never forget it.  They source it from Oyama Sausage on Granville Island so you’re getting a unique artisan product.  The bruschette is topped with goat cheese and seasoned arugula on a bed of EVOO and pesto.  They also have the duck prosciutto in a panini.

If you’re looking for something other than a panini or salad they have introduced Veal Ravioli or Pasta di Vitello that is topped with a sage butter sauce.  What’s not to love about this dish, you have tender handmade pasta sheets filled with seasoned ground veal and sautéed with butter and sage then topped with shaved Parmesan cheese.  The only way I can describe this dish is rich and decadent, I thoroughly enjoyed this new addition.

On the panini part of the menu the Bresaole Panini with Gorgonzola horseradish creme and arugula has been a runaway success.  I know personally I’m not a fan of horseradish but the way they’ve incorporated it into the Gorgonzola creme mellowed it out.  Again the meat was perfect, full of rich beef flavor it’s now one of my favorites like the duck prosciutto.  Keeping with local purveyors they source the bresaole from the Columbus Meat Market on Renfrew St where it’s made in-house.

Erin Ireland’s delicious To Die For Gourmet Banana Bread is the feature of Notturno’s dessert Panino.

Filled with chocolate mascarpone cheese it’s a perfect flavor combination.  The creaminess from the mascarpone mixed with the chocolate then sandwiched between the glorious #todiefor warm banana bread hit everything flavor wise I look for in a great dessert.

Vanilla Gelato is paired with the dessert panini and is definitely part of that perfect flavor combination.

The new additions to Notturno Paninoteca’s menu are all winners in my book and only bolster an already great, delicious menu.  If you’re looking for a unique Gastown dining experience stop into Notturno for a nice glass of Italian wine and some delicious nibbles.  Also if your office is looking for a great lunch Notturno also does full catering and the restaurant is available for private party’s-space is filling up quick for the holidays.

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