Ricky’s Urban Diner Express

The other day I found myself in search of eats at the Waterfront Center food court.  Looking around at the usual options of Chinese fast food, Thai noodles and curry and make your own salad priced by weight I stumbled upon a diner in a food court.  They have all the usual diner choices including all day breakfasts so I ordered up some eggs at 2pm in the afternoon.

After perusing the menu I saw a couple interesting things but the omelette is what I went with, in this case it’s called The Work’s.  The plate come’s with toast and your choice of shredded hash browns or 3 buttermilk pancakes, I went with the lighter option.  The hash browns were great and not to greasy and the toast was throughly drenched in butter.

Ricky’s does 3 egg omelette’s it says on the menu.  The Work’s omelette comes with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions and 3 cheeses, topped with a strip of maple bacon.  When I started to eat this I noticed the egg layer was really thin and lacked the fluffiness you get when you break up and whisk the eggs-the process naturally incorporates air, this omelette was lacking that big time which made me think they had to have used an egg product.  The filling was alright but pretty standard.  By the end of the meal I was left wondering why restaurants take shortcuts with some food products just to save time, my meal was alright but after taxes the plate came in at almost $15 bucks.

At the end of the day the meal filled by belly and it was a nice change from the usual food court choices but on the other hand for the prices charged it would be great if more things were made from scratch and more actual cooking was happening.

Ricky's All Day Grill (Waterfront) on Urbanspoon

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