Coast to Coast – A Tribute to Canadian Bacon

So, the Edible Canada take out window has been doing everything good with bacon and you have until the end of September to get your self some of the Edible porky goodness.  Serving up everything great and Canadian, the Edible Canada take out window has really stepped in the exposure of amazing Canadian ingredients to the world-wide audience that visit’s Granville Island on a daily basis.

The first item I tried was  the Bacon & Duck Rillette Poutine with Canadian Cheese Curds, Caramelized Onions for $9.  First I’ll say that they also cook the fries in duck fat so if that’s an issue for you let them know and they can cook them the regular way for you but man that duck fat added a richness and extra crisp crunch that shouldn’t be missed.  The toppings for this poutine are some of the most decadent I’ve had in a while.  The duck rillette was like pulled pork or braised short rib meat but duck of course.  This is a salty dish though and is best shared or enjoyed with a drink.

The sandwich option at the take out window is the BLLT-Bacon, Lobster, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich, Bacon Aioli, Heirloom Tomatoes, Butter Lettuce on a Swiss Roll for $12 bucks.  I don’t know what more I can say about this other than is absolutely AMAZING!  The bacon aioli is a perfect companion to the lobster and the crisp bacon with the lettuce added a nice crunch and texture.  The lobster was the richness of the dish and this bad boy was piled high with lobster.  tomato wise I got red heirloom’s, on other orders I’ve seen yellow and red so it really is the luck of the draw.  The Swiss roll was a perfect thickness and held together while I chowed down on this.

I really think the Coast to Coast Tribute to Canadian Bacon window has been a huge success and I’m looking forward to cramming in a couple more meals before they close at the end of September for the season and open with a new concept.

Edible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon

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