Edible Canada at the Market

This past weekend I went with Melissa from Eye’s Bigger Than My Stomach to Granville Island for a bit of a photo walk and some food shooting. After being in the market for a bit and seeing all the delicious food we both had to escape to Edible Canada for some brunch.

On our visit they happened to be launching the new brunch menu so it was extra busy but we managed to snag a patio table pretty quick.  With our beautiful Indian Summer happening dining outside was a pleasure with the falling maple leaves around us, Edible Canada really does have one of the best patios in the city.

Edible Canada does a pretty fancy bacon caesar and they had a smaller version on special for $5-the full-sized one comes in at $12.

Melissa went with the burger-it was a tough decision between this and the Lobster Mac and Cheese but the burger won out in the end.

While they props for making a beautiful burger that is truly Canadian it broke in half after the 1st bite because of the bun, I’d love to see a buttery brioche bun.

I went with the Edible Canada Breakfast– a delicious mix of scrambled free range eggs, Sloping Hills pork & apple sausage, double smoked bacon, smoked tomatoes, crispy duck fat fried hash browns, fresh herbs that comes in at $12.

The Sloping Hills pork & apple sausage was great, you could tell it wasn’t your regular breakfast sausage.  You can’t go wrong with double smoked bacon, they cooked it to that perfect not to crispy but not floppy stage and the smoked tomatoes were a great touch of acid to break up all that porky richness.

The Scrambled Eggs were also cooked perfectly for me in that they weren’t runny but were still soft and fluffy.  One thing that they cried out for was black pepper and some salt.

Now for the icing on the cake-Duck Fat Fried Hash Browns.  With a nice crispy outside and tender fluffy inside these were perfect and the duck fat adds a unique richness to the potatoes.

One thing that raised discussion was the pepper mill that I needed for my eggs, we geeked out at its resemblance to something from Star Trek that the doctor would use to administer an injection.

With the great patio and unique, Canadian influenced dishes and the use of local ingredients, Edible Canada at the Market is a must try if you’re visiting the Granville Island Public Market.

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3 responses to “Edible Canada at the Market

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  2. That all looks really good!
    I actually own those salt and pepper mills and man they are a pain in the butt. Wish I had stuck with the traditional style rather than be sucked in by novelty.

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