A Quick Bite From Mogu


The other day I was heading to one of my many phisio appointment’s at St.Paul’s but I needed lunch and I’m happy to say our wonderful street food scene came in real handy. I stopped by Mogu and had something that I have yet to try from their menu.

First I started with something that they do best-Sweet and Spicy Chicken Karaage. It’s all cooked to order so your sure to get hot chicken. After it’s pulled from the fryer they spoon some sweet chili sauce of to and garnish. The chicken karaage I’ve had from here and Le Tigre Cuisine has been some of the best in the city let alone from a food truck.

This is the sandwich I had yet to try-the Teriyaki Pulled Chicken Sandwich. It’s like Japan’s answer to a pulled pork sandwich! With pulled chicken doused in teriyaki sauce then topped with a good amount of Japanese mayo, lettuce and onions it really was a pleasure to eat.  The pulled chicken was super moist and the sandwich was made with chicken thigh meat.

Mogu came in super handy for me and satisfied my hungry with enough time to get to my appointment.  If you’re in the mood for a unique take on Japanese street food I’d recommend Mogu Japanese Street Eats-there Red Miso Glazed Pork sandwich is amazing.

Mogu Japanese Street Eats on Urbanspoon

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