Tap and Barrel

The newest addition to the Vancouver Craft Beer scene has made the Athlete’s Village it’s home and has really become part of a growing community that’s getting bigger on a daily basis.  Myself and Melissa decided to make a visit after a trip to the Vancouver Baker’s Market.

The decor is bright and incorporates a lot of wood glass to get the place glow with great views of False Creek and the city skyline.  One thing that I’m proud to say about Tap and Barrel is that they are also partners with the Vancouver Parks Board because the building had a community center joined to it so a portion of each sale at Tap and Barrel goes to support programs from the Vancouver Parks Board.

They have a great line up of Craft Beers and other drinks.  Beer wise I went with the Parallel 49 Watermelon Wit and Melissa had an iced tea.

One thing that I was really eager to try were Tap and Barrel’s Bacon Chips for $6.  The bacon chips are just like they sound and we spent a few minutes while we scarfed them down thinking about how they cook them, there not pan-fried which leads me to think that the bacon is baked then possibly deep-fried.  There not greasy at all and were a pleasure to eat with the homemade ketchup.

Something that caught Melissa’s eye were the Crispy Chickpeas with spiced salt and fresh lime.  I’d recommend these to anyone looking for a munching snack while drinking a few beers, they were perfectly crisp outside and soft inside.

Tap and Barrel’s poutine is appropriately named the Quebec St poutine.  This was Melissa’s choice for lunch and I stole a bite.  The gravy was nice and rich with a robust red wine flavor, the fries were nice and crisp while being soft on the inside.

I had the Classic Cheeseburger with fries.  With old school cheddar, caramelized onions, house mayo, mustard and topped with a fried dill pickle slice, this was a beautiful burger.  Like Melissa’s fries mine were cooked just the way I like them and they were seasoned perfectly.

When I picked this beauty up it had some weight to it but the bun did a great job of keeping everything together.  I took my first bite and I had a huge smile on my face, the burger was beautifully juicy, the caramelized onions then hit my palate and spice of the house mayo then rounded everything out.  This was one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while and am totally craving one right now as I write this review!

We had a great meal at Tap and Barrel and would totally come back for more when were in the area.  If you like craft beer and inventive comfort food the I’d highly suggest Tap and Barrel in the former Athlete’s Village.

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