Quick Nom’s:Olympia Bar Grill

This quick dining adventure takes place on Granville Street at a place that is smack in the middle of all the bar, pub and club area-Olympia Bar and Grill.  I’ve never been here at night but it makes complete sense that they have a full bar and tons of drink specials if that’s what you after.  To cater to the daytime crowd and all the people who work in the area during the week Olympia has a good amount of food specials as well as a large selection of dishes to satisfy a wide array of tastes.

I have had a couple $9 lunches from Olympia-both wraps.  First we have the Lamb Wrap and you get your choice of fries or salad.  The wrap it self was pretty good, the pita bread was nicely charred but still was moist.  Filling wise the wrap had lettuce, thinly sliced red onions and tomatoes along with homemade tzatziki sauce, all the toppings were nice and fresh.  Meat wise the lamb was alright.  It was in medium-sized chunks but some pieces were chewy.  I thought that they would serve a Greek salad but to my disappointment I got a not so fresh mix of greens that were over dressed with an oily dressing.

For my second wrap I went with Chicken Wrap and fries.  This was a really good choice.  The bread was again nicely toasted and had the same toppings as my other wrap but feta was also on the chicken version.  The chicken was marinated in oregano and EVOO along with lemon, they grilled it perfectly so the chicken was still nice and juicy.  My fries ranked up there with some of the best I’ve had from a bar kitchen.  They had the skins still on, a super crisp outside and soft and tender inside.  Compared to my salad in the previous meal these made up for the lack luster salad but I still want to try their Greek salad!

With a wide array of menu items and good value for money I think I’d come back to Olympia for some eats and drinks with friends.

Olympia Bar Grill on Urbanspoon

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