Recipe to Riches Season 2-Entrées

Were more than half way through the second season of Recipe to Riches and this episode was all about entrées.  The competition was stiff for this episode and it resulted in one of the closest finishes between the two finalists in the history of the show.  Contestants that ended up getting a golden ticket were Steph with her General Tso Crispy Tofu, Rick and his Butter Chicken Lasagna and Mary with her Jerk Chicken Buns.  After the batch up challenge Steph did make the cut so it was down to Rick and Mary to fight it out.  In the end the final approval numbers for Rick were 97% approval and Mary had 100% but in the end the judges decided Rick and his Butter Chicken Lasagna was this weeks $25,000 winner.

Let’s be honest-I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this product, I never would have thought of combining 2 of my favorite foods and styles of cuisines.  The lasagna is flavored with garam masala, turmeric, cumin, chili flakes, and ginger and they used boneless chicken thighs for the meat so the chicken has some flavor to it.

After cooking for an hour my stomach was growling and my apartment smelled heavenly.  I let it sit for a couple of minutes and cut into it, I was surprised how cleanly it came out of the pan-usually the 1st piece is a nightmare to get out of the pan.  Flavor wise the curry flavor isn’t to strong and the spice level is between low and medium so the entire family could enjoy this.  The lasagna was 3 layers with just the right amount of sauce and filling, the pasta was cooked just right for a frozen lasagna.

Again I think this is one of the better winner products this year just like the brownies that won a couple of weeks ago.  When I think back to last years entrée winner and this product I’d buy this again hands down and hope they keep it in the President’s Choice product line permanently.  You can find this in stores this weekend and it’s priced at $7.99, the dish can feed 4 people easily so with a side salad or veggie you would have a great complete meal.

2 responses to “Recipe to Riches Season 2-Entrées

    • yes it’s produced in the USA along with some other products they make, that is something that is handled by President’s Choice and has nothing to do with the show in my eyes.

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