Salam Bombay

Last week was a busy one for me so the weekend couldn’t come soon enough-even though it poured rain for the entirety of it!  My Saturday involved relaxing and a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery with Melissa but first doing lunch was a must and after thinking what was close by Salam Bombay was the choice for some Indian buffet.

Seeing I was going to the art gallery I didn’t bother bringing my DSLR so pardon the lack of photos and an almost dead iPhone 4s.  Knowing that Melissa had a hankering for some Indian food after shooting an entire Indian food product line for a Canadian company so I thought buffet would be best, also after reading about this place on Sherman’s Food Adventures I knew it would be a solid choice food wise.  They run the lunch buffet from around noon till 3pm, 7 day’s a week and comes in at $15/person.

They had around 15 or 16 different items plus a couple of sauces and they serve up fresh naan to order.  Service was really good and I also noticed they kept up the buffet with fresh batches of food.  The selection of items was really good.  They had 2 salads tat weren’t very traditional and I passed them by, the basmati rice was cooked nicely.  Curry wise I went with some lamb meatballs, butter chicken, some saag paneer and some curry veggies.  The butter chicken was more the tomato based version which gave it a great tang as well as adding a lightness to it.  The lamb meatballs were one of my favorite things, they weren’t to gamy and the curry they were in was mild so it complimented them nicely.  On the buffet as well was a seafood curry which Melissa said had a nice zing to it as well as a nice daal and tandoori chicken which I had on my second trip up to the buffet.  When I was getting my food I grabbed the round pastry on my plate thinking it was savory, in fact it was a sweet that was coated in honey or something sweet and sticky.

Overall I had a really good dining experience at Salam Bombay and would totally come back for their buffet lunch, the food was really good and the quality justified the $15 price which when you think about having lunch downtown spending $15 bucks is a very easy thing to do.

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