Recipe to Riches Season 2-Candies and Chocolates

Were getting close to the end of season 2 of Recipe to Riches and episode 6 was all about Candies and Chocolates.  This episode’s competitors brought three really unique creations so I was really eager to try any of the competitors creations.  A local was competing again in this episode, Don and his Golden Toffee Nut Gems, Robert Armatta (Montreal, QC) with his Dark Chocolate Treats and Lucie Dion (Mont-Joli, QC) with her Sucre à la Crème.  The dreaded batch up challenge never gets old and the competitors always are blown away with the troubles of cooking on such a large-scale.  In the end the local boy won it with a product that blew away the judges and locked down another winning product for the West Coast.

Don Harquail is a charming man from Burnaby, British Colombia with a kind heart, a green thumb and a new lease on life. After suddenly falling ill several years ago, Don used baking as a form of therapy on his long road to recovery. Today, along with tending to his backyard greenhouse of prize orchids, Don takes great joy in treating his many friends to his delectable baked creations.  Don is an award-winning orchid grower growing approximately 300 types in his Burnaby greenhouse. He has created new types of orchids including one in honor of the Vancouver Olympic Games called “Olympic Magic.”  Don’s recipe was given to him by another member of the Vancouver Orchid Society. It’s a recipe that he has since modified and perfected in hopes that it will be a lasting tribute to his friend.

The winning product stayed true to the original recipe that is loved by Don’s friends and family.  For $5.99 you get 8 servings of this nutty, buttery delight.  Serving it up couldn’t be simpler, you can break it free hand or cut it into pieces like I did.

Like its creator, this is a real treat. Almonds, cashews, pine nuts and sesame seeds topped with buttery toffee and milk chocolatey buttons, all of a graham cracker crust.  When I first opened the plastic wrapping the smell of buttery toffee wafted out and my mouth immediately began to water.  Upon taking my first bite a smile came to my face, the richness of the toffee combined with the different textures of the nuts and graham cracker base proved a perfect sweet and salty bite.  To round out the flavor a chocolate button is on each serving and for once I didn’t mind that chocolate wasn’t the star of the show!

If you a fan of nutty, sweet desserts you’ll definitely want to pick up a box or two of Triple Nut Toffee.  You can find it starting this weekend at stores that sell President’s Choice products across Canada.

The finale airs on Food Network on Wednesday, December 12 at 9 p.m. ET /8 p.m. PT. Voting will open on  at 12:01 p.m. ET on December 5 and closes at 4:59 p.m. ET on December 7.

To take a behind the scenes look at videos including product reveals and the product development process, check out

For Don’s winning recipe, as well as information on the show’s host, judges and finalists please visit

**Disclosure-Recipe to Riches supplied me with this weeks winning product, my opinions are completely my own.**

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