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The crew has teamed up with the local cafe Bonchaz to bring a perfect lunchtime package to the hungry eaters of Vancouver-SUPER Bonchaz!  The 3 item package for $6.50 includes:

A.  Bonchaz of your choice:

“Original” with butter & icing sugar,

“Banana Walnut” with fresh bananas and California walnuts

     “Matcha Coconut Green Tea” with green tea

B.  Sandwich of your choice:
“Avocado with Brie” with avocado, double cream brie, and balsamic on homemade brioche
“Beef Bulgogi”, Korean-inspired sliced rib eye marinated in soy & sesame oil, with red onion, garlic, and a hint of honey in our homemade hoagie bread
“The Vegan” with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, hummus, sprouts and roasted peppers on homemade Italian-herbed baguette

C. Soup of the day (vegan option available)

Bonchaz is a local coffee and sandwich shop with 2 locations in Vancouver-one on West Hastings and a new lcoation on the corner of Main and Broadway (this package is only valid at the Main and Broadway location).  I’ve visited the original location a couple of times in the past for the namesake of the place-the Bonchaz pastry, a Bonchaz is an oven baked milk bun topped with a crisp golden crust and a hint of fresh ground coffee.  For my visit I went with my fellow foodie and food photog Alvin Lee from so I snapped a couple of pics of his choices, to see his review and thoughts when his  post is up click here.

For my meal I went with the Avocado and Brie sandwich, Vegan Chili and Chocolate Truffle Bonchaz (it was invented after they set up the package and is also a choice).

I thought the vegan chilli was alright.  They used a nice mix of vegetables and the base of it wasn’t to heavy on the tomato.  Spice wise it was mild with cumin being the predominant flavor and the consistency was a mix of soup and stew.

I have a thing for avocado sandwiches so I had to choose this.  They backed the bread full of creamy brie and avocado then liberally drizzled a thick, sweet balsamic to help cut the richness.  To add some crunch and acidity as well to the sandwich cucumbers and tomatoes were a great choice.  One thing that I didn’t care for all that much was the bread and the way they stuff the piece in the middle, I found it hard to eat and the bread was on the dry side, they make some beautiful brioche that I think this would be better on.

This is their chocolate truffle Bonchaz.  It’s rich and buttery just like the original but instead of a butter filling they have put semi sweet sticks of chocolate like you would find in a chocolate croissant.  The Bonchaz itself has a nice soft inside with a firm but not crunchy outside and they really go great with coffee or tea.

Overall the SUPER Bonchaz! package from is a pretty good deal for $6.50, if you’re looking for a solid, affordable lunch it’s a great choice.  The package is already on sale on the website right now and is available till March 4th, 2013.

** supplied me with my lunch package but my opinions are completely my own.**

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