Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates and Patisserie


So I’m on the hunt for some of the best hot chocolate drinks available in Vancouver and I knew a trip to Thomas Haas was definitely in order.  Thomas has two locations in the Lower Mainland-West Broadway and North Vancouver as well his products are available at a variety of local retail locations, please check the website here for more info.

I made this visit to the West Broadway location and brought Ethan and Melissa from Food Bloggers of Canada seeing that none of us had ever been to the retail location before.  The Cafe was packed and their was a regular flow of people who came in while we sat and enjoyed our treats.  With a wide selection of chocolates, macarons, fresh-baked goods and the absolutely beautiful desserts it was a hard to choose just what I was going to have.

2012-12-07 13.44.46

Here’s our spread!  Ethan and Melissa went with the Aztec Hot Chocolate which packed a nice cayenne pepper bite and one of Thomas’s signature Almond Croissants which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Like I said-the decision was hard but I went with the Classic Hot Chocolate and the Crispy Chocolate Raspberry dessert.  Price wise I found things totally reasonable with both items coming in at $11 and change including tax.


The hot chocolate was rich and creamy with a smooth chocolate flavor that wasn’t too sweet.  Overall it was a delicious traditional cup of hot chocolate that I enjoyed a lot.

The Crispy Chocolate Raspberry was out of this world!  It was filled with Dark Manjari chocolate-raspberry mousse, light vanilla Bavarian, chocolate sache cake and crispy hazelnut wafer and then beautifully decorated.  Flavor wise everything in this dessert was perfectly balanced, from the amount of raspberry and chocolate to the overall sweetness everything was great.  The full size version of this is amazing and one of the most beautiful desserts I’ve seen in a while.

After my first visit I know I’ll be back for sure, the hot chocolate was delish and the desserts were amazing.  Last year Thomas Haas took part in the Hot Chocolate Festival and it was just announced to be taking place again next month so I would think he’s going to take part again in the delicious event.

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