Brunch at Mr.Brownstone


Last weekend myself and Melissa found ourselves on Main Street not by chance but because I was picking up holiday doughnuts from Lucky’s and brunch was in order before doughnuts.  Mr.Brownstone is where the landmark Bert’s Restaurant used to be, the space has been completely redone along with a new menu with some tasty looking treats.

Melissa had the California Eggs Benedict.  The dish features hollandaise bathed poached eggs with an avocado and a tomato mixture nestled on English muffins, also you get caramelized onion home fries and a small bit of mixed greens.  This dish was a hit with Melissa and ranks up their with some of the best eggs Benny she’s had in a while, the eggs were perfectly cooked and the dish had a great richness it while also having needed tart and acidic components to balance the richness.


My choice was the Traditional Breakfast for $8.  You get 3 eggs cooked your way, choice of meat and toast as well as those great caramelized home fries and side of greens.  I went with scrambled eggs that were cooked nicely, they were still moist, light and fluffy.  For my meat it was bacon, it had a nice crispness to it but wasn’t dry and brittle.  The home fries were great and I loved the caramelized onions that were scattered throughout.  They offer a few different types of bread including rye but I didn’t know it was marble rye (a table next to us got some) otherwise I would have went with that over the whole wheat.

Overall our visit was really good and I’d definitely come back for some more eats-my physiotherapist lives in the area and has had and recommends their brisket topped burger and the short rib dish on the menu sounds delish.  Our service was attentive and any questions we had were answered pretty easily.

Mr. Brownstone Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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