Quick Noms:Guu Original


Lunch last week involved a chain that is familiar to me but this was the first time that I made a visit to Guu Original on Thurlow.  I invited Melissa to come along with me to check it out who has also not been to the location before, I was surprised just how small the place is and it is pretty loud so if you’re looking for a quiet lunch look elsewhere!


For my lunch I went with the Assorted Deep Fried Bento Box for $8.  It comes with Chicken Karaage, Pork Cutlet and a Creamy Croquette along with Miso Soup and Rice.  The croquette had a combination of corn, chicken and onion.  Overall the bento box was pretty good, they included a tiny bite of homemade macaroni salad and the pickled bamboo shoots on the rice were really good.  While the chicken and croquette were great the pork was on the tough side.

photo credit to Melissa Hartfiel

photo credit to Melissa Hartfiel

Melissa had a pork bowl that she enjoyed a lot but her pork was also on the tough side.  Overall not a bad lunch deal for $7, her dish also came with miso soup and some Japanese pickles.

In the end we had a good, quick-lunch but I feel like an old man for saying this-I could do with a little less yelling!

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