A Delicious Afternoon at Chocolate Arts


With the first day of the Hot Chocolate Festival underway I decided a visit to Chocolate Arts on W.3rd was in-order and who better to come along than Melissa!  I haven’t been to Chocolate Arts before but have heard tons of great things so needless to say I was looking forward to this visit.  The space was large and open with a beautiful selection of chocolates at the back of the store.

I chose a 3 different types of chocolates and Melissa grabbed a couple of bars to add to her infamous chocolate stash.  The prices for the chocolates are all done by weight and the ones I chose came to $3 and change.  Flavor wise from left to right I went with a Salted Caramel, a Kalamansi and White Chocolate treat and a Peanut Butter Bar.  The peanut butter bar was packed with dense, rich peanut butter filling that melted in my mouth.  The salted caramel was thin but inside was a thick, gooey caramel.  When I ate my piece I let it melt on its own and the layers of flavor were amazing, the chocolate slowly melted then the caramel warmed up and then you get the salt finish-true chocolatier genius.


I would say my favorite chocolate treat was the Kalamansi and White Chocolate treat.  The outer white chocolate shell contained a beautiful, citrus packed white chocolate ganache that was ooey and gooey.  For someone like me who doesn’t like orange and chocolate this is a great alternative.

Now onto the hot chocolate, I ordered the When Pigs Fly.  This delicious treat is Cocoa Barry “Alto El Sol “  that is a single plantation chocolate and then topped with maple and bacon marshmallows and served with a peanut butter cookie.  With this hot chocolate the chocolate really comes through and I noticed a kiss of maple.  Melissa ate my cookie and immediately had a smile on her face, I went up and got a couple extra marshmallows because mine melted, the home-made quality shows through with how light they are but I wished they had more bacon flavor.  Overall I really liked this hot chocolate, it wasn’t so sweet like an all milk chocolate yet wasn’t bitter like a dark-right in the middle of the chocolate spectrum I’d say!

Melissa went with the Armory Amour.  If you love raspberry and chocolate then this is for you, it’s Cocoa Barry “Madirofolo” that is also a single plantation chocolate, the rim is kissed with raspberry and is served with a mini lemon and basil ice cream sandwich.  I took a sip of this and the raspberry flavor totally came through.  One thing that I did eat was the lemon basil ice cream sandwich and it was DELICIOUS, the chocolate cookie added a richness to the tart lemon ice cream.  Melissa really enjoyed this hot chocolate, from a chocoholic it’s certified delicious.

With the 1st day of the Hot Chocolate Festival over the visit to Chocolate Arts was the perfect way to kick off the festival, I’m definitely coming back for some more amazing chocolate.

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